Have A Rest, Please

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Playing time: 33:19

Style: brutal death metal-grindcore

Label: Metalage Productions

Released: 2004


  • Dead Illusions
  • I Lay My Feet On The Grass
  • Information Collapse
  • Inapplicable Material
  • Amusing Advisor For Unexperienced Explorers
  • Death Knows No Sundays
  • I Have 7 Flowers
  • S.O.S.
  • Component Which Doesn't Fit To Any Machine
  • Sit Down, Please
  • Following The Path Of Wise
  • I Ask Myself Why I Am Here
  • Endless
  • Do You Like To Die?
  • Lapač Smrti (Napalm Death cover)
  • Ohi Ohi Ach Ka Ka