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SKU: forgotten-silence-cd-04

Playing time: 56:24

Style: experimental-progressive death metal-folk-jazz

Label: Redblack Productions

Released: 2000


  • Red paiom (The Fellow-blue Snake)
  • Rostau (The Sandwaves)
  • Al qahir (In the Marble Halls (Of Fame) 4)
  • Saqqara (The Sitting Statue)
  • FL2C (The Morning In Cairo)
  • Vaset (The Breath Of Tasechetaat)
  • Memnon (The Ancient Moaning)
  • Ipet insuit (The Sunflames)
  • Dendara (In The Deepest Depth, In The Darkest Dark...)
  • Idfu (Under The Hor's Wings..)
  • Syene (The Waterlines)
  • As suwais (One Step To Another World)