BAND WEBSITE: http://www.herfst.org/

- Dimmu Borgir
- Septic Flesh
- The Vision Bleak

Herfst is a Belgian extreme metal band conceived in 1999.

While composing straight from their dark hearts, the morbidity Herfst delivers honours the illustrious pallbearers of black/death/thrash and horror metal.
Not disregarding a fresh and original sense of dynamics. With this succulent combo of old and new, they are sure to leave their black marks on stages throughout Europe. Herfs? emphasizes the versatility and tonal richness of 7stringed guitars, paired with a penchant for adventurous & inkblack death metal.

They are known for their extremely intense, passionate & dedicated live performance, always bringing a full on show with a unique, macabre atmosphere.

Bram (lead gtrs) - Collin (gtrs)- Fré (bass) - Kurt (vocals) -  Steve (drums)

Over 150 gigs together with inter/national top acts such as: Dark Funeral (SWE), The Rotted (UK), Vital Remains (US), God Dethroned (HOL), Belphegor (AU), The Vision Bleak (GER), Tankard (GER), Graveworm (IT), Anorexia Nervosa (FR), Scarve (FR), Horna (FIN), Ancient Rites (B), In-Quest (B), Secrets Of The Moon (GER), The Legion (SWE), Panchrysia (bel), ...

- The Fall (2003 - demo)
- Life's Enddesign (2005 - EP)
- Necrotica (2010 - full length)
- The Deathcult Pt. I: An Oath in Darkness (2012 - EP)
- The Deathculr Pt. II: Towards Haunted Shores (2015 - EP)